John & Jen Vitale’s House

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John & Jen Vitale

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I am quite taken with John and Jen Vitale’s house which featured on Freunde von Freunden recently. John is a skateboard designer and Jen, a stylist. Their home is a Navajo-hued stucco building in Portland, Oregon with lots of light and architectural charm. Filled with plants, records, books, natural objects and a fine collection of handmade kitchen items (check out the pots in the kitchen cupboard), it seems their home exudes an appreciation for the simple things in life.
I would love a natural, stripped-back home like this but, I am so drawn to colour & pattern that it’s kind of impossible.

Interiors Inspiration: Lab

lab 6

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These pictures are quite old (at least by crazy fast-paced fashion/design standards) but they are some of my favourites, so I wanted to post them anyway. They feature Lab products in the home of stylist Anne Millet. Anne has a French photo blog called Mobil Home, and I love her use of colour, pattern and composition.
Lab is a beautiful label that mixes plaids, Liberty prints and colour washed linens in that very effortless and stylish way that French people seem to do so well. The pictures have me hankering after pretty much everything in their range – they do homeware and kids pieces, and I could happily live with them all! Thankfully, I’ve just discovered that vintage 1950’s checked tablecloths provide similar plaids and colour combinations at a fraction of the price, so I’m currently fueling my desire that way!

Interiors Inspiration: Caitlin Mociun







Caitlin Mociun designs beautiful jewellery and her home reflects this. Like most renters, she knew that she would only live in her Brooklyn apartment temporarily and faced the dilemma of how to make it feel like home, without doing any major work. I like the way that these restrictions have encouraged her to create a very minimalist space that focuses on edited furniture, colourful artwork and carefully selected ceramics. It is a comfortable and creative home that is both easy to live in and move out of. “I’m not attached to it,” she says.” But I’m totally comfortable in it. It’s inspiring to me.”
Mociun’s apartment was once a bar in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It has high ceilings, painted brickwork, big windows and lots of natural light. She mixes a few bits of vintage and appropriated furniture with selected pieces from her shop including striped Libeco benlinen, hand thrown pottery and Moroccan rugs. Her collection of green houseplants also feature heavily across the apartment. These bright pops of colour echo Mociun’s jewellery designs and although the minimalist design might be a result of functionality, I find this style of edited living very inspiring.

Interiors Inspiration: Long Farm

Long Farm 01

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Long Farm 07

Long Farm 03

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Long Farm 10

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Long Farm 06

This new house in rural Suffolk was designed by British architect Lucy Marston to reference old English farmhouses. Sitting high among a group of existing farm buildings, the exterior features red brickwork and a steep gabled roof, facing east across salt marshes and open fields, towards the sea.
Internally, the vernacular references continue with whitewashed brickwork, exposed beams, a super-sized inglenook, window sills deep enough to sit on and a large kitchen table, seating ten. I particularly like the muted colour palette and the way the chartreuse yellow in the bedroom and bathroom complement the crops in the fields. Strangely, I also like the carpets in the living room and bedrooms. It’s good to see that the owners of this stylish house have kept it cosy and comfortable; I’m sure that the result is a very happy and contented home.