Polly & Dai’s House

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Here are some pictures of my latest house tour, also published on Apartment Therapy. Polly and Dai live just a short walk away from the rugged cliffs and sandy beach of Crackington Haven in Cornwall. The couple moved to this idyllic spot three years ago when their twin daughters, Minnie and Rosie, were babies.

Their house is made of traditional stone and cob, and like all good homes is still something of a work in progress. In fact, since I took these photos, they have had their downstairs ceiling removed to reveal the roof timbers – I’m looking forward to seeing how that looks.

Since moving into the house, the couple have designed and built a new kitchen, using old tea chests for cupboard doors, and they’ve transformed the garden with beautiful and productive vegetable beds. This is no mean feat considering they have young twins to look after!

The girl’s rooms are a definite highlight of the house. Each of them has a great room, and I particularly like Rosie’s as she has a cool cabin bed, built into an otherwise empty space behind the stairs. Both their rooms are bright and colourful, and jam-packed with toys, books and pictures. This looks like a fun house to grow up in, and these are my very favourite kinds of family homes.

Thanks Polly and Dai for letting me photograph your house! You can click here to see the full tour on Apartment Therapy.

House Tour: Anna & Ed





Here is the latest house tour that I have posted on Apartment Therapy. It’s a beautiful Victorian townhouse in Oxford belonging to Anna and Ed Chipperfield. Anna is an interior designer and one of my favourite things about her house is the detached barn at the bottom of the garden. It is boarded from floor to ceiling in plywood. I also love her kitchen. It’s light, bright and has just the right balance of function and fun. To see the full tour please click here.

House Tour: Sophie & Nick








Remember that pretty pink bathroom that I featured a few weeks ago? Well here is a peek at the rest of the house. It belongs to my good friends Sophie and Nick and I shot it recently for Apartment Therapy. You can look at the full house tour here.
Sophie and Nick are a very stylish couple who live in a large Victorian house in Manchester with their two daughters. It is one of my favourite places to visit, as they have a happy home with lots of good stuff to look at, great food at the table and are generally excellent company. Thank you for letting me feature you Sophie & Nick!