Postcards 05

01endless summer on Futurustic-8

02endless summer on Futurustic-16

03 Dorset on Futurustic-3

05endless summer on Futurustic-5

06endless summer on Futurustic-10

06endless summer on Futurustic-11

07endless summer on Futurustic-7

08endless summer on Futurustic-14


09endless summer on Futurustic-4

Our endless summer seems to have finally come to an end. Autumn has rustled in and I am a little behind in posting my photos. Here are a few from the last days of summer…

1. Fred’s feet on a beautiful rug. 2. A rainbow of glaze. 3. Swinging from a tree. 4. Sand pit playtime. 5 & 6. Wren loves the beach. 7. Din-dins. 8. Fred looking pensive. 9. Shoes off. 9. Scary shadow.