Postcards 08: Le Camping









We are camping for the summer in France, while we rent our house out. Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks.

01. The first campsite we visited in lovely Brittany. 02. At our current campsite in the Gironde. Think pines and sandy beaches. 03 & 04. A technicolour rug on the forest floor. 05. Always looking for snacks. 06. We brought bikes to explore. So far we’ve cycled 300m to the beach every day. 07 & 08. Wren is fascinated by Bug Bingo. She uses it for matching and sorting bugs as well as playing the actual game. There are lots of real bugs here too.

Note: Wren’s dress is by Pala Mino. Check out their new collection here.

Postcards 07

Christmas 2013-10

Creative Family Home-1-3

Christmas 2013-1

Christmas 2013-4

Christmas 2013-6

Christmas 2013-3

Happy 2014 everybody! Here are a few pictures from our Christmas and New Year break.

01. We rented a beautiful cottage in Wales with a couple of friends and their kids. The weather was wild and stormy so we stayed in and cooked lots of delicious food. 02 & 03. I love these traditional handmade Safi plates. They make everything look good and are available from Moroccan Bazaar. 04 & 05. In Wales we visited the Trefriw woolen mill. They make incredible Welsh blankets, these are a few of their vintage designs. 07. In search of a bit of heat we visited the Eden Project. It was a good move. The rainforest biome was so warm that my lens kept steaming over and I couldn’t take many pictures. Next time I’m taking a picnic.

Postcards 06

Late Summer 2013 01

Late Summer 2013 02

Late Summer 2013 03 copy

Late Summer 2013 06 copy

Late Summer 2013 04 copy

Late Summer 2013 05 copy

Late Summer 2013 07

1. Teddy helped me sort out the kid’s craft cupboard. 2. The (messy) artist at work. 3. Helicopters. 4. A woven straw decoration that I found in the local charity shop. 5. Putting lights in places that little hands can’t reach. 6. A new use for our oldest and biggest wooden bowl. 7. Playing on the beach, whatever the weather.

Postcards 05

01endless summer on Futurustic-8

02endless summer on Futurustic-16

03 Dorset on Futurustic-3

05endless summer on Futurustic-5

06endless summer on Futurustic-10

06endless summer on Futurustic-11

07endless summer on Futurustic-7

08endless summer on Futurustic-14


09endless summer on Futurustic-4

Our endless summer seems to have finally come to an end. Autumn has rustled in and I am a little behind in posting my photos. Here are a few from the last days of summer…

1. Fred’s feet on a beautiful rug. 2. A rainbow of glaze. 3. Swinging from a tree. 4. Sand pit playtime. 5 & 6. Wren loves the beach. 7. Din-dins. 8. Fred looking pensive. 9. Shoes off. 9. Scary shadow.