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Late last summer we had a little photoshoot at our house for Design Bloggers at Home, a new book that is soon to be released by Ryland Peters and Small. I felt honoured to be even considered for the book, but also a little embarrassed, because it feels a bit silly getting your house photographed all the time. Mostly our cottage is a chaotic, lived-in mess but it does scrub up well. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about that day as author Ellie Tennant, and photographer Rachel Whiting, both did an amazing job on the shoot. I really enjoyed hanging out with them all day, chatting about textiles and playing house. Their photographs look beautiful and I’m very excited to see the rest of the homes in the book.
Design Bloggers at Home features twelve spaces belonging to, ahem, ‘leading online trend-setters’!! These include SF Girl by Bay, Oh Joy!, Happy Mundane, Vosgesparis, My Scandinavian Home and myself! The spaces range from a pared-back monochrome cabin, to a maximalist, colour-filled apartment in California, and of course, my own little cottage in Cornwall. If you’d like to see more, you can pre-order the book now from rylandpeters.com.

Polly & Dai’s House

Polly and Dai's House on Futurustic 02

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Here are some pictures of my latest house tour, also published on Apartment Therapy. Polly and Dai live just a short walk away from the rugged cliffs and sandy beach of Crackington Haven in Cornwall. The couple moved to this idyllic spot three years ago when their twin daughters, Minnie and Rosie, were babies.

Their house is made of traditional stone and cob, and like all good homes is still something of a work in progress. In fact, since I took these photos, they have had their downstairs ceiling removed to reveal the roof timbers – I’m looking forward to seeing how that looks.

Since moving into the house, the couple have designed and built a new kitchen, using old tea chests for cupboard doors, and they’ve transformed the garden with beautiful and productive vegetable beds. This is no mean feat considering they have young twins to look after!

The girl’s rooms are a definite highlight of the house. Each of them has a great room, and I particularly like Rosie’s as she has a cool cabin bed, built into an otherwise empty space behind the stairs. Both their rooms are bright and colourful, and jam-packed with toys, books and pictures. This looks like a fun house to grow up in, and these are my very favourite kinds of family homes.

Thanks Polly and Dai for letting me photograph your house! You can click here to see the full tour on Apartment Therapy.

Interiors Inspiration: Swedish House for Sale

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Nice House on Futurustic Blog06

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I confess I love looking at houses that are for sale and imagining what it would be like to live in them. I usually stick to my local area (or at least the UK!) but I just discovered this house on Pinterest which has taken my interest in foreign houses to a whole new level. It’s for sale through Bolaget, a Swedish estate agent that specialises in the very best Scandinavian homes. As you can imagine, their site is full of great design inspiration. This house is one of my favourites. It’s in the Friluftstaden district of Malmö, which is apparently famous for it’s functionalist townhouses. The house has lots of light, excellent storage, a wood fire, parquet flooring and marble worktops, not to mention a perfect little outdoor space for growing tomatoes. So, if anybody is thinking of moving to Sweden, this could be your place! P.S. Please may I come and visit?

Interiors Inspiration: Lab

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These pictures are quite old (at least by crazy fast-paced fashion/design standards) but they are some of my favourites, so I wanted to post them anyway. They feature Lab products in the home of stylist Anne Millet. Anne has a French photo blog called Mobil Home, and I love her use of colour, pattern and composition.
Lab is a beautiful label that mixes plaids, Liberty prints and colour washed linens in that very effortless and stylish way that French people seem to do so well. The pictures have me hankering after pretty much everything in their range – they do homeware and kids pieces, and I could happily live with them all! Thankfully, I’ve just discovered that vintage 1950’s checked tablecloths provide similar plaids and colour combinations at a fraction of the price, so I’m currently fueling my desire that way!