Giveaway: Fulton & Co.

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Today I am excited to host a giveaway from Fulton & Co. Sarah Fulton is a ceramicist who makes beautiful handmade buttons and jewellery. Her buttons remind me of Lucie Rie’s early clay buttons and would make the perfect Christmas gift for any sewing or knitting enthusiast. They add a beautiful finish to handmade items as you can see on Wren and Fred’s Grandma-made cardigans!

To win a free set of any Fulton & Co buttons, please visit Sarah’s shop here and leave a comment below, saying which buttons you would like, and what kind of project you might use them for?

What inspired you to start making buttons?
When I lived in New York City I was designing jewellery while simultaneously learning how to work with ceramics. I started incorporating it into a lot of my jewellery designs. When I moved from NYC to LA, I did not have plans to pick up ceramics anytime soon but it sort of found its way into my life again when a friend bought a kiln and encouraged me to use it to start a business. I decided to make buttons because the process is a little more simple than jewellery. Also, I love making my own clothes and creating buttons for the pieces I make is very satisfying.
What are your main influences?
My main influences are nature and architecture. I am really inspired by the vernacular architecture of Scandinavia, Europe, Persia and Morocco. And being a hopeless romantic, the more feminine and the more flowers, the better.
What materials and equipment do you use?
Right now I use a low fire ceramic clay and glazes, plus an ever-classic Cress kiln for firing. I use a rolling pin, a handful of favourite hand tools for cutting, carving and shaping, and a variety of paint brushes for glazing.
You’ve started making jewellery again – do you have any plans to expand into other items?
Yes! I took a break for a year but it seemed natural to add jewellery to my ceramic selection. I also have a small collection of cabinet knobs and would like to add other designs. My ultimate dream is to expand into tableware and decorative home items such as tiles and lighting, but those things require a larger studio space, more equipment and bigger kilns. All in due time!

Sarah is also offering all readers a 20% discount, valid until December 31st. Just enter the coupon code FUTURUSTIC20 at the Fulton & Co checkout.

The giveaway will be open for two weeks and I will pick a winner on Tuesday 17th December. Good luck!

Exhibition: Colour Installation

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Scholten and Baijings are master colourists; they have a unique way of paring down their work to its essential forms and then using colour to transform each piece. I find their particular approach to design very appealing and was pleased to see that the duo have an exhibition on in Chicago, highlighting their work from the last ten years.

Together, the designers borrow from their Dutch heritage, and take a disciplined approach to combining craft with industrial processes. From creating furnishings for the Danish manufacturer HAY to tables for the Japanese artisanal wood manufacturer Karimokou New Standard, each piece is carefully considered.

In the exhibition, large-scale images taken by Dutch photographers Scheltens & Abbenes, focus the eye on the detail and colour of the work. The two are longtime collaborators and the pictures, specially commissioned for the exhibition, meticulously capture specific connections between the various lines of Scholten & Baijings’s work, while emphasizing their ability to generate beautifully creative expressions of everyday objects.

Colour Installation: Scholten & Baijings with photographs of Scheltens & Abbenes, is at the Art Institute of Chicago until 5 January 2014.

Shop: Makers & Brothers & Others

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One of my favourite online shops Makers & Brothers has a lot to celebrate. Not only have they just turned two, but they are also about to launch their own mini department store in Dublin. The company are dedicated to promoting the best of Irish and international craftsmanship and they do a brilliant job. It’s always interesting when online stores move into physical space and I’m very excited to see what they come up with.
Makers & Brothers & Others will be a seasonal space dedicated to some of their favourite local and international finds. There will be the beautiful Irish woodwork of James Carroll along with with ceramics by Helen Faulkner and knitted toys by Claire-Anne O’Brien. There will also be a florist selling fragrant winter wreaths and posies, Wildflour Bakery serving up fresh baked goods and coffee, a beauty department run by Aesop, as well as a tiny gallery and bookshop. It all sounds like the perfect excuse to visit Dublin to me.

Makers & Brothers & Others runs from November 14 – December 24 at 5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Wear: Neon Wetsuits

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Winter is fast approaching and one of my favourite things to do around here (all year long) is sea swimming. The water is cold, REALLY cold in winter, but I like to be hardcore and insist on just wearing a swimming costume. This year though, I’m thinking that a little extra warmth might not go amiss – especially when the suits look as good as this.
Neon make bespoke wetsuits in a small studio in Newquay, on the Cornish coast. Each suit is handmade to order and there is an excellent range of tops, shorts and swimsuit styles. Mostly aimed at warm water surfers, they are available in a beautiful range of unique colours. I think they would be perfect for swimmers too, as the super stretch neoprene and tight seams will keep your body warm, while still feeling just like a normal swimsuit.